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Dwyer's instrumentation is used in many different applications to monitor and control vital processes. In the agricultural industry, that can mean helping farmers to monitor water for livestock and crops, or to monitor pressure to make sure equipment is running efficiently. Dwyer products are accurate and reliable, so you'll be able to focus on what matters most.



Dwyer® instrumentation can help achieve an even flow rate for uniform application of water to increase crop yields. In order to make certain the irrigation system is running properly, it is important to use both pressure and flow transmitters. Our pressure transmitters are used to monitor irrigation system pressure, while flow transmitters measure fluid velocity. Dwyer also offers several level transmitters that can be used to monitor the liquid in tanks or the water supply at a reservoir or pump site.



Water meters and flow switches are used to control the water and nutrients for plants growing within greenhouses. In addition, many Dwyer® products are used to ensure a proper growing environment within the space by monitoring variables such as humidity, temperature, and carbon dioxide. The Magnehelic® differential pressure gage and the Photohelic® pressure switch/gage are used to monitor and control greenhouse ventilation systems.


poultry, HOG, & LIVESTOCK

Dwyer® products are used to ensure quality of life for the animals on farms. Our water meters are used for water consumption or feed rate monitoring. Dwyer® instrumentation is also used for monitoring the many components of air quality, such as humidity, temperature, and carbon dioxide. Submersible level transmitters are used to monitor manure levels.  Finally, Magnehelic® differential pressure gages are used for measuring air pressure, while Photohelic® switch/gages and Magnesense® transmitters control the ventilation in these demanding applications.


farm equipment

Trusted by OEM manufacturers around the globe, Dwyer® products are used in agricultural equipment like seeding machines. Pressure gages and transmitters monitor the differential pressure within the machine and help maintain continuous working performance. Our sensors also help provide safe, rugged, and accurate monitoring and protection of pneumatic and hydraulic systems.


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