Global data centers trust Dwyer.

Data centers and computer rooms can’t afford downtime. There’s too much at stake, and the loss of transactions or information can set back companies for years—or put them out of business completely. That’s why smart data center managers and engineers the world over rely on Dwyer instruments for their CRAH and CRAC. Our products are hot-swappable, easy to install and maintenance- and worry-free. Best of all, they’re in stock and ready to ship, avoiding any costly delays in data center upgrades or construction.

Here’s just some of our fine products focused on data centers and computer rooms:

IEF - In Stock and Ready to Ship

Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Transmitter
Series IEF

This transmitter is adjustable and features technology that measures fluid velocity in addition to providing continuous signal outputs. It’s designed to offer superior performance and offers increased redundancy opportunity, because multiple transmitters can be installed in line without extending pipes.

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TDFS2 - In Stock and Ready to Ship

Thermal Dispersion Flow Switch 
Series TDFS2

This thermal flow switch incorporates two LED status indicators to determine whether the flow rate is above or below a user set flow rate.

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629C - In Stock and Ready to Ship

Wet/Wet Differential Pressure Transmitter 
Series 629C

This easy-to-install transmitter monitors differential pressure of air and compatible gases and liquids with 0.5% accuracy, using dual pressure sensors.

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WD3 - In Stock and Ready to Ship

Water Leak Detector
Series WD3

These indispensable units protect equipment from water damage by sensing the presence of water in drip pans in air handler units, under raised floors in data centers, or on floors around sump pumps and drains.

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