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Where are Dwyer products used to ensure industry standards are met in critical environments?

Dwyer is a trusted leader in manufacturing innovative instrumentation solutions for critical and essential applications worldwide. Dwyer® sensors can be found in isolation rooms, clean manufacturing facilities, data centers, pharmaceutical laboratories, and glove boxes / containment chambers. When it's critical, it has to be Dwyer.


Hospital Isolation Rooms

A pressure differential between an isolation room and the anteroom (a small room just outside the isolation room) is needed to prevent unwanted airborne pathogens from escaping into the adjacent rooms and hallways. Dwyer® gages and room status monitors are ideal for monitoring these applications to ensure a safe environment for hospital occupants.

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Semiconductors play a vital part in the progression of new technologies to save energy and promote the preservation of the global environment. The Photohelic® switch/gage is used for precise process control on tooling and exhaust gas applications by some of the world’s predominant wafer equipment companies.

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Data Centers

Data centers are used to house computer systems, servers, and telecommunications. They are essential to keeping a company’s systems functioning and operational. Dwyer’s Series IEF electromagnetic flowmeters are key to ensuring these critical cooling systems continue running smoothly. The IEF can be installed or replaced with a hot tap, which means the chillers can remain up and running even while maintenance occurs on these flowmeters. In order to control the environment of a data center, Dwyer also offers a full range of humidity, temperature, differential pressure, and velocity sensors.

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Pharmaceutical & Laboratories

Pharmaceutical applications are required to follow stringent industry standards in order to maintain their clean environments. Magnesense® differential pressure transmitters are designed with exceptional accuracy and stability for use in these spaces. In addition, our Flotect® switches can be used to indicate flow of emergency safety showers and eyewash stations, allowing workers to flush away any hazardous substances and alert colleagues that assistance is needed.

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Clean Rooms

Clean rooms require precise and accurate measurement of the differential pressure within a contained environment. Dwyer’s low differential pressure transmitters and room status monitors allow for precise control of this critical measurement. The Dwyer Instruments line of clean room sensors offers the correct technology and accuracy to match the end user’s needs, ensuring compliance with regulations.

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Glove Boxes & Containment Chambers

Differential pressure gages, such as the Magnehelic® gage, are used to monitor the differences between pressure inside and outside of a glove box or containment chamber. Flowmeters, like our Rate-Master® flowmeter, are used in purging containment chambers. These gages and flowmeters work in conjunction to help ensure the contents of a containment chamber remain in pristine condition.

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