Where are Dwyer products used to create a safe and sustainable environment?

Dwyer is a trusted leader in manufacturing innovative instrumentation solutions worldwide for the process automation markets and can be found improving the environment through the water we drink, the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the technology that we use.



Dwyer has a variety of submersible level transmitters to fit in virtually any part of the water and wastewater process. Our bullet nose style is ideal for monitoring groundwater levels in wells, which provides greater insight on storage levels and data in aquifer systems, while the heavy duty cage style transmitter is better suited in demanding applications like wastewater and lift stations.

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The Photohelic® switch/gage is an integral part of equipment used by some of the world’s predominant wafer equipment companies on their tooling and exhaust gas applications for precise process control. Semiconductors play a central role in the development of new technologies to save energy and promote the preservation of the global environment.

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Dwyer® products are used in many different agricultural applications to monitor and control processes essential to growing crops and maintaining livestock. Our pressure transmitters are used by leading center-pivot irrigation manufacturers to provide water pressure measurement for their automated control systems. In addition, we offer many monitoring solutions to ensure the quality of life for animals living on a farm.

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Pharmaceutical & Laboratories

Pharmaceutical applications are required to follow stringent industry standards in order to maintain their clean environments. Dwyer’s Magnesense® differential pressure transmitters are designed with exceptional accuracy and stability for use in high performance, critical environments. In addition, our Flotect® switches can be used to indicate flow of emergency safety showers and eyewash stations, allowing workers to flush away any hazardous substances and alert colleagues that assistance is needed.

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Environmental & Bulk Systems

Our timer controller boards and Magnehelic® or Photohelic® gages are used in dust collection systems worldwide by leading manufacturers to increase system efficiency while creating a cleaner working environment. The timer boards control pulse jets which clean the filters, while the Magnehelic® gage provides differential pressure measurement across the filters to indicate to the operator when the filters are clogged. Dwyer also offers a variety of level monitoring solutions to measure level within a bulk system.

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