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Dwyer products are an integral part of optimal air purification and HVAC systems. Now you can meet indoor air quality challenges and finish your IAQ projects at your school with top-performing sensors, monitors, and gages from Dwyer.


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Cleaning air in enclosed spaces is a major priority in schools, with more districts, colleges, and universities bringing students back from virtual lessons and into the classroom. That makes your job tough. What’s tougher? IAQ projects that have stalled because suppliers don’t have product and can’t meet your deadlines to get these important air quality projects done. That won’t happen with Dwyer. We have sensors, gages, and monitors in stock and ready to meet—and exceed—your needs. That way you can complete your punch list and help students, faculty, staff, and visitors breathe easier.


Series RHP-N Humidity/Temperature/Dew Point Transmitters

The Series RHP-E/N Wall Mount Humidity/Temperature/Dew Point Transmitter is the most versatile room transmitter on the market. The stylish housing is well vented to provide air flow across the sensor to improve measurement accuracy. The humidity and the dew point are measured using a capacitive polymer sensor that completely recovers from 100% saturation. The humidity and dew point can have either a current or voltage output, while the optional temperature output can be a current, voltage, RTD or thermistor.

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Series RHP Humidity/Temperature Transmitters

The Series RHP Temperature and Humidity Transmitter combines the voltage or current humidity transmitter output with a passive temperature thermistor or RTD output. Featuring polymer capacitance humidity sensors, models are available in 2%, 3% or 5% accuracies. Transmitters are available with an optional two-line alpha numeric LCD display.

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The Model CDSN Carbon Dioxide and Temperature Transmitter accurately monitors the CO2 concentration and temperature in schools, office buildings, and other indoor environments to help achieve LEED® certification and energy savings. In order to achieve a higher level of accuracy, the Model CDSN includes digital barometric pressure adjustment.

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The Series CDTR Carbon Dioxide, Relative Humidity, and Temperature Transmitters reduces the number of sensors mounted on a wall or in a duct. By combining CO2, relative humidity, and temperature in one device, system integrators are able to reduce installation time while lowering material cost at the same time. 

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