We can help keep your school healthier and safer.

Dwyer products are an integral part of optimal air purification and HVAC systems. Now you can meet indoor air quality challenges and finish projects at your school with top-performing sensors, monitors, and gages from Dwyer.


Get the products you need to complete your indoor air quality projects now.

Cleaning air in enclosed spaces is a major priority in schools, with more districts, colleges, and universities bringing students back from virtual lessons and into the classroom. That makes your job tough. What’s tougher? IAQ projects that have stalled because suppliers don’t have product and can’t meet your deadlines to get these important air quality projects done. That won’t happen with Dwyer. We have sensors, gages, and monitors in stock and ready to meet—and exceed—your needs. That way you can complete your punch list and help students, faculty, staff, and visitors breathe easier.

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Dollars saved by reducing energy consumption can be used to further improve school facilities and enhance students’ learning environments.

With a wide selection of monitoring solutions, Dwyer products can provide valuable insight into energy consumption. Understanding a school’s energy usage can help manage the building’s performance and identify where energy savings could be improved; ultimately leading to cost-saving opportunities and minimized operating disruptions.

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Validate system performance and test for comfort and efficiency in schools.

Dwyer can provide HVAC technicians with the handheld and permanent testing solutions needed to test, adjust, and balance school spaces. With a deeper understanding of a space’s air distribution, technicians can validate equipment performance while increasing its life expectancy, increasing energy efficiency, and maintaining better air quality.

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