You asked, we listened.

Over this past year, the Dwyer team has been diligently working to enhance our product lines based on what we’ve heard from the TAB technicians using them in the field. We know that our products aren’t “one and done” – we always seek continuous improvement and ease of product use. This sometimes puts us right there with you, flying across the country to spend a day balancing a building, while other times we will hear about new ideas over the phone or email.

“Hey this XXXX works great, but I sure wish it could XXXX too.” These are familiar words in our field. Moreover, we know that on a jobsite, time is money. That’s why we have implemented several product enhancements and new features to make your job easier (and increase worker productivity).


Series 490W Hydronic Differential Pressure Manometer

Our popular Series 490W manometer is both accurate and easy to operate using wireless transducers and a phone. We’ve enhanced the software that is used with it so that not only can you connect up to three pairs, you can also select from an expanded valve library. The transducers can be used with either a 2050 battery or an easy to find 2032 battery, which means that it’s simple to find a backup replacement at a store near your jobsite if needed.


Series DP3 Wireless Differential Pressure Manometer and Series VP3/AP3/RP3 Wireless Probes

Both our Series DP3 wireless manometer and VP3/AP3/RP3 wireless probes utilize the Dwyer Mobile Meter® app software. This software has now been enhanced for easier use, including larger display of numbers. It connects via Bluetooth with a fast connect experience, so you can get started taking measurements even quicker than before. In addition, we’ve added text-centric logic to describe what readings mean instead of only displaying the numbers on the screen. This will help new users to get started using the app.


Series SAH SMART Air Hood® Balancing Instrument

We’ve made several changes to the SMART Air Hood®, including a drag and drop interface for both the iOS and Android apps. The app also now utilizes the same fast connect experience as the Mobile Meter® app, which saves time up-front when connecting to the hood.


Coming soon to production are upgraded 1x4 and 2x4 adapter hoods with an easier setup and install. Rather than being added to the SAH with individual poles for each corner, this new rig fits onto the top of the SAH and opens to full size in under a minute. We wanted to make it easier than ever to switch between different diffuser sizes.

The 1x4 hood adapter in particular will be an excellent addition to a balancer’s arsenal for HEPA filter clean rooms, as we’ve adjusted the fit to allow for the hood to be placed up against a wall, window, or obstacle.


A new enhanced travel case has been developed for the SMART Air Hood® with one point power connection. There’s extra room in the case for additional tools you might need on a job, and you can charge your SAH or other tools from right inside of the case.


Low flow plugs are available for applications with air flow from 40 to 125 CFM. By plugging up two of the feet of the SMART Air Hood®, you can direct the flow through the two remaining feet in order to better sense the air flow from the diffuser or grill. This increases the SAH’s accuracy of return readings with low air flow.

Dwyer Instruments is proud to continue developing new solutions that make the balancing process easier than ever.